Sayonara Birth Control

Let me begin this post by saying I am not a doctor, nurse, medical professional, or otherwise expert on this matter. I am an amateur googler at best, so most of the research I have found has come from sites like Buzzfeed and Women’s Health.

A few months ago I had stumbled upon an article on Buzzfeed talking about a study that showed a link between taking birth control pills and depression. I tried to find the exact article I had seen but couldn’t locate it anymore. Reading this article sparked something in my brain and I began to wonder if I should consider going off the pill. I had been on the pill since my senior year of high school. I never had an issue with my birth control or my period, but with all of my new mental health issues I felt like it might help. So I talked to my mom and she was supportive, so I made an appointment with my gyno to talk about it. She was very against it and instead suggested I switched to a different birth control method instead (an IUD or the arm implant). I decided going off wasn’t an option and I was too lazy to switch to a different form, so I just stayed on the pill and went about my business.

Recently however I have felt completely out of control. My moods have been all over the place, my anxiety has been at an all time high, and I have just felt off. I’ve been dealing with it and coping, but nothing has seemed to help. And then a few days ago Chris finally mentioned how off I had been and how he thought maybe it was my pill. And then the study came back into my mind and a lightbulb went off. It was the first ‘aha’ moment I’ve had in a long time. So we talked and talked and talked, weighing the pros and cons of me going off birth control. We have been together almost two years now, but we are in no way ready for a family. We both have a year left of school and have a lot of goals to accomplish before we will be looking to start that new journey. But we decided that for the sake of my mental stability and our relationship in general it was best for me to go off the pill and see if it made an improvement.

So with this decision made I knew it was time to start doing some research. I wanted to know what to expect and how to prepare. I started my placebo pills on Sunday (period week- YAY) so I have a few days to prepare myself for this transition.

First thing I began looking for what that article that first led me to starting thinking about this. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact article I remember reading, but I did find a few good ones. This one from Buzzfeed is a good synopsis of the study. I also found this more in-depth one from NPR and the actual study itself (to read the study you might need a subscription). After reading up on this again, I decided even the smallest chance of this helping was worth it.

Next I decided I wanted a general idea of what to expect and what might happen. So again I looked to my favorite source of information, Buzzfeed, and found this short and sweet article. I also found this one, which I didn’t like as much, but it had some helpful tips of supplements to take to help.

Once I had a general idea of what to expect, I figured what better to find then some real-life accounts. I found this one in my first attempt at a google search and I liked how she described her experience. I also found this one, along with her follow-up three months out. Although I know everyone’s experiences will be different, it was nice to see other women had done this and survived.

That brings me to the end of this decision making process. I feel confident in my decision and am excited to see what happens. I am not exactly sure how I’ll be doing updates of my birth-control free life, maybe weekly, but I will be posting updates of how I feel and what my thoughts are.

If you have done this or have any advice, feel free to comment below.

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